Cary SLp05 Preamp noise

recently I encountered a buzz in my right channel and after usual ground loop investigation did not reveal the problem, I looked at maybe a bad tube in my Cary preamp. The tube tester did not reveal a defective tube but what I noticed was that moving the tubes around in the sockets would eliminate the buzz. I'm using Sylvania 6SN7's and this continues to happen. Pins look clean and shinny and I have cleaned them superfiscouly but the problem seems to pop up every once in a while and I'm wondering if there is something that I don't know about pin and pin socket fit up. Can anyone shed light on this situation?
Contact Gerald Walsh at Cary.

919-355-0013 Ext 105
919-355-0010 Fax
prob just a bad socket, Gerald is the man, and will replace it and get it back to you

On second thought, the preamp is ruined and no good. To help you out, I'll give you $1000 for it.

Don't thank me, just helping out a fellow 'Goner.
Check for cracks on the RCA socket
I found a bad tube that didn't test bad on my tube tester but when replaced, cured the problem. Macdadtexas, I've always admired those Cary's. I'd bet the sound through those maggies is incredable. I've got a CAD200 and see an ad for a similiar unit. I'm wondering how some planars would sound paired with 2 of those.
Hi, Markus
The same problem happen to me (left channel buzzing) which disappeared moving the tubes but appeard again randomly. I bought two matched tubes (russian tung sol) and the problem was gone four days ago. I keep my fingers crossed!