Cary SLP 98L or deHavillanrd Mercury 3?

First time here. I'd like to add a tube preamp to a solid state Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono Amp. Music is classical. Budget <=$5k. I am searching for the following qualities in a tube amp:

-Transparent and neutral tonality and timbre for acoustical instruments
-bass: powerful and deep
-mids: harmonically rich, clear, smooth, refined
-highs: extended & airy. WITHOUT glare. NOT rolled off.
-3D, spacious sound stage WITHOUT sacrificing focus
-big tone, lush sound
-high resolution with micro details without etching

1. Which would be better - Cary SLP 98P, deHavilland Mercury 3 or Ultraverve?...
2. Any other recommendations or advice?...

Thanks everyone!

My Setup:
SS amp: Odyssey Stratos Dual Mono
SS preamp: Odyssey Tempest Extreme
Cables: Audioquest Copper
Speakers: eVeII (DIY Tony Gee design using Scanspeak 21W8555/18W8545/D2905-9800 drivers using series fed crossovers with Mundorf Supreme Caps, etc). Great detail, dynamics, imaging, neutrality.
I love the Cary I have (SLP98P F-1 version), but if you have $5k to spend you can probably move up and buy a used Cary SLP 05 which is maybe the best preamp I have heard regardless of price.
I am second for SLP-05; it is one of the best tube preamp.
It appears at Audiogon from time to time. SLP98P not even close.
From looking at your want list ... the SLP-98 will disappoint. It's a great pre and I really enjoy mine but transparent and neutral - it aint. :)

I will 3rd the SLP-05 recommendation, it's a phenomenal pre and does everything you want.
I think the deHavilland will be more nuetral. I would also look into the CAT SL1 Ultimate. Never heard the SLP-05.
Thanks everyone, I'll look into the Cary SLP 05, CAT SL1, and the deHavilland. I'll share any new discoveries or questions...