Cary SLP-98L

Hello all my GoNeRs.I am currently using my cary 2a3 mono with my slp-98 with the avantgarde uno.I ve been itching for a pre-ap upgrade,but afraid of moving side way or backward.Any fellows have any experience life after their cary slp-98?I love the sound of my cary slp-98,but just wonder what s out there? please give me some input..I need something wiht a remote otherwise i would try a CAT pre-amp.
I have a Cary SLP-98L that I use with a Cary V12i (Siemens NOS EL-34s and 7308s). I like this set-up quite a bit. The Sylvania 6SN7Ws and cryoed GTBs combination in the preamp certainly doesn't hurt the sound quality and are a large improvement over the stock Chinese tubes.

However, I have always been interested in Joule-Electra and purchased an LA-200 preamp that Jud Barber upgraded to an LA-100 MkIII. It uses a 5751, 6550, and pairs of OA2s and 6EM7s. I have been quite impressed with this set-up as well, although the Joule is still breaking in. Right now the Cary sounds a bit more musical, but I suspect that will change over time as the Joule adjusts.
I love the Cary SLP2005, I heard it at CES in Jan, It is a really nice Preamp. If and when I can get into tubes I am getting it along with the CAD211's. I like keeping most of the equipment under the same company. Things seem to "fit" together nicely that way.


That is one nice preamp. I'm hoping it comes in a linestage only version as well. Do you know what the cost will be on this. I'm going to RAMF at the end of the month so hopefully I'll get to hear it there.

I agree with the matched amp/preamp statement. I was seduced by the Joule and think it matches well with the Cary, but not as well as the SLP-98. I'm putting together a second system (summer use) and will use the Joule there, probably with a used Joule Vamp, but possibly another solid state amp.
I've not heard the Cary SLP 98, but I can vouch for Joule Electra preamps. I just recently replaced a BAT VK 30 pre with the Joule Electra LA 150. The LA 150 puts the VK 30 to shame... no contest!
The Cary SPL-05 is 8000.00 I don't think it comes in a linestage only. If only the phono stage would shutdown if it is not in use like the MC2200 does. Yeah listen to it when you get a chance and let me know what you think.


That is a pretty hefty price tag. I noticed the spec said it has 6 x 6SN7, it looks like 4 to me with 2 other types of tubes to go with them. I'm sure it is an amazing piece of equipment given Cary's reputation. I support them, but not that much. Considering that at retail prices the SLP-98L and Joule LA-100 MkIII I own combined reach that price point, I'll take the 2 for 1 swap and enjoy the variety.

The Joule is sounding better everyday.
Thank you for all the response..The cary 2005 seem very inteesting ,but 8k is a little over my budget especially gas is over $3/gallon right now.what do you guy think the hovland 100+ a remote unit for volume control? good idea or bad? would this remote unit degrade the sound quality.?