Cary SLP 98 Tubes

I have an Cary SLP98L that I want to replace the tubes on. Its about 5 or 6 years old.I see the tubes on the new SLP 98L look quite a bit bigger than what I have. Can these be used on the older SLP98L and what kind are they as I need new ones? I plan on purchasing the tubes on line from one of the websites. Reccomended sites are welcome.
It looks like your amp takes common tubes: 4 ea - 6SN7 Line Stage; 2 ea - 12AX7 Phono Stage; 2 ea - 12AU7 Phono buffer. Does your manual say differently? Try either Sylvania or RCA, NOS 6sn7; and Telefunken NOS 12Ax7 and 12Au7.
I understand the posable benefit of New Old Stock tubes, but I have had great results with Electro Harmonics 6SN7 EH tubes for about $13 each new. They are detailed with excellent extension of the highs and lows. Also the bass is nice a tight for tubes. I like them alot.
I have just replaced the JAN 6SN7's with Sylvinia 6SN7 Chrome Domes in the line stage. WoW, so much more detail and depth. They are a little bright but I hope they will settle after burning in.
In my '98, I had the best results with NOS Sylvanias WGTs up front. The rear tubes are not critcal in that circuit, and the cheapo EHs were just fine there.