Cary SLP-98 preamp with Mcintosh Amp

Heard a lot of great review of Cary SLP-98. Wonder what is the best matched power amp that audigoners use with this SLP-98 to get best sound quality. Is there anyone connect this SLP-98 with mcintosh amp? Pls share your experiences.
I've used mine with Cary 300-SE and Lamm ML2 - no compatability issues. The independent R&L gain feature of the SLP-98 comes in very handy indeed!
Using a pair of mc-225 (tube)in mono in the week ends and mc-2100 s/s in the week nights.Very musical and of course tube rolling is big part of it being very musical.
i had a great time with a V12 long time ago. for ss, worked well with digital amps.
I bought a new SLP98P in Feb. replacing a C-1 Carver. I hooked it up to a McIntosh 7270 amp and it sounded great. I sold the McIntosh amp (had it 17 years) and bought a Primo Cary V12R amp. Get one if you can. It's a perfect combo and the sound is fantastic. I got rid of all 6 of my signal processors because I no longer need them. Good luck. polk432
I used an SLP98P with my MC501's (driving a pair of Apogee Duetta II's) - loved it!
I used one slp-98l line stage with my mc2105 and mc2505 vintage solid state with great results .I had to sell the Cary and am currently looking for a cheaper replacement.So far the cheapo Amc cvt1030 fares surprisingly well,bettering some much expensive competition....still not decided...but you can't go wrong with the Cary...