Cary SLP-98

I'm thinking of upgrading from my AES AE-3 MKII to the SLP-98. I'm currently using an Eastern Electric MiniMax phonostage. My question is this: Would I be better off getting the linestage-only version (SLP-98) or the version with MM phono stage (SLP-98P)? Would the phonostage best the MM side of my MiniMax?
I have the SLP98P and use a 2.5mv Dynavector MC cart. As long as the cart has at least 1.4mv you'll be ok. I love this preamp and recently went from a Cary V12R to a Cary CAD120S amp. The system sounds fantastic. The sources are all Linn. It also sounded great with the Linn K18II MM cart. Good luck.
I should have mentioned in the original post: I'm running a pair of AES Six-Pac amps.

For carts, I'm currently running either an Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC (.5mv) on an old LP-12, or a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM (3.6mv) on a Marantz TT. I have no complaints with the MiniMax phonostage and it's both MM/MC capable.

The SLP-98L looks a bit "naked" without the 12AX7's used in the phono-version.
For how little extra it cost to go from the 98L to the 98P its worth it. You get a great phono section and higher and more interest for resale than the line only. I am enjoying mine alot. I bet it would sound great with those six pacs! Cheers
It's a great phono section. If you are looking to buy new, you can call Upscale Audio, they are the biggest Cary Dealer in the US and they can get an SLP98P for your direct from Cary with a MC phono stage, very cool.

I use mine (a tricked out F1 version, with MM stage) with a Sumiko Blackbird, and it is stellar.
Hi Roblanger,
I use the Cary SLP98P preamp with Rocket88R power amp & Harbeth 7es-2 speakers.
I don't use the phono stage, but have the phono version simply because it looks better with the 12au7 & 12ax7 tubes in place, otherwise the preamp looks a bit bare.

Also this is a marvelous preamp, bettering IMHO the Plinius M16 & JRDG Concerto I used to own.
I believe the F1 version is on special with Upscale Audio currently.

The SLP98P responds very well to tube rolling.
Currently I have four Sylvania 6SN7WGT (1959) chrome top nos tubes in place, with RCA black plates (1940) & Sylvania VT231 (1945) in reserve.
The original Chinese 6SN7 tubes are not very nice sounding!

Best Wishes.