Cary SLP-70 with noise

I have SLA-70B and use with Audio quest king cobra and JM lab 826 and it give me some noise come out from my speaker
How can I take care that problem

Most likely one of your tubes is bad. You can check by swapping the tube(s) from the noisy side to the other. If you still hear noises on the same side then you need to call Cary. If the noise goes to the other side then you need to buy some new tube(s).
NictT is probably right about the tubes (for quick results swap all tubes on the right side to the left and vice versa) but if you do this and still have noise coming out of one channel, first swap the interconnect cables (loose RCAs can add severe noise to the system) one component at a time (source, amp) and then possibly speaker cables and see if the noise follows the change. Check all connections to make sure they are tight.
Thanks for all your input, the noise come out both speaker,
I did try to remove the RCA cable and the noise go a way
I try different RCA cable same problem, even I did tried ground the amp still have the noise

What else I can do