Cary SLP-2002 or SLP-03?

I'm looking for a preamp that has balanced capability, and also has a HT pass-through. There are several out there, but the Cary ones seem to be match my needs well, and I figure that they would match my Cary CD 303/300 well. Used, the SLP-2002 and SLP-03 are in my price range; the SLP-05 is not...

Can anyone speak to the sonic differences between these two preamps? There is precious little information available about these, and I have found none comparing the two.

I'd be interested in feedback on these, and alos on any other pre's in the $1500 price range that might make a good alternate.


I should have mentioned that I am running a MC275 amp into a pair of Hales 10T's.

Those speakers have some serious base authority when mounted on a concrete floor. I'd really like to run balanced into the amp if I can. It appears to produce a much quieter result in balanced mode. I'm experienceing a bit of ground loop hum on the single-eneded inputs that are completely non-existant in the balanced inputs... I could probbaly chase that down, but if I don't have to, then all the better.

Correction... a pair of Aerial 10T's. I had Hales before the most recent move. Funny slip of the mind there.