Cary SLP-05 Umbilical cord

I heard that someone makes a upgaded cord to go between the power supply and the preamp section, any body know who?
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check with Robert at Ridge Street Audio...
If your at all handy, this would be an easy DIY project.
Thanks for the info, I will call Ridge Street, it has been 10 years since I soldered anything
An excellent umbilical power cable is produced by Revelation Audio Labs. Their CryoSilver Reference umbilical power cable is a remarkable upgrade over the mediocre stock umbilicals. I have the 1-meter length, paid $299, it is the best money I ever spent in audio.
i would love to hear how updating your umbilical cord improves sounds.

considering a manufacturer specifically matches it to their units.
what about this? That worries me...
I upgraded the umbilical between my Musical Fidelity XDac V3 & PSU V3 (In my PC Auio System) and the umbilical between my Squeezebox & CI power supply (in my main rig) both with revelation audio umbilicals and the results in each system were quite nocicable. The presence of music in both systems was more apparent, as well as transparency, depth of soundstage and a blacker background. If you compare the physical cables themselves, you will see a large difference from the stock cords. To me, upgrding the umbilicals was pretty much a no brainer, considering the small cost involved, as opposed to the cost of the rest of the systems. The results were quite worth it, to me. I upgrade all my power cables (including the squeezebox, CI power supply, etc), so I wouldn't overlook the umbilicals. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.