Cary SLP 05 signal coupling caps upgrade ?.

Hi . I like to know if there is any Cary Slp05 preamp owner ugrade the signal coupling caps in yours preamp?.What is yours thougth on it?. Thank you all in advance .
I can tell you directly Cary will upgrade the unit if you choose they don't advertise a cap option ,if you have the moneys the very best caps on the market are the New Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitors .

They are outstanding I tried these in the 98 as well as the vh audio Teflons, my new slp 5 uses a lot of Teflon caps which are very good a little dry in comparison for I have tried both in my loudspeakers .I have tried pretty much all the big names out there and these are very natural sounding with plenty of air around the instruments.
The labor would set you back around $300 the caps around $400or so for 4.I would have to go through it see exactly how many,give them a call ,also once they got the unit they will tell you which caps and the uf and v rating
I hope this helps.
I noticed that you had the new Mundorf caps in yours slp 98.Are you planning to have them install in yours new slp05?. Many thanks.
I too was interested in this upgrade, however, I spoke to Cary yesterday and they DO NOT recommend an upgrade.
Ajackson1, did they (Cary) give you any reason about why this upgrade is not recommended?
Jdec, they said the best parts were used for optimal performance and that upgrading will be a waste of $$$.

I want, however, to hear from folks who have performed this upgrade. Was there a signifant improvement is sound?
Has anyone performed this upgrade and what were the results?

I'm awatting for the delivery of Mundorfs cap from the Part conextion.Will let you the results.But if you can go to the Conrad Johnson website.They will tell you how important the signals cap upgrade is.Just to let you know that the exact replacement of the caps are not cheap.There are 12 caps in all and if you choose Mundorf caps, they cost 8 times more than the stock Multi-Kimber caps combo in the Cary.
Thanks Jtran, I will look forward to it.
Audioman, Jtran, and others.....I too own a Slp-05. In considering going to better caps, be cautioned!!!! They may not make the unit sound better.......ONLY DIFFERENT!!!! When designers voice their components, they use parts that will achieve the set sound, and characteristics they hope to garner from their schematics, and circuit designs. Different caps, and resisters, do in fact sound different, with different applications!!! You may get something that is not to You're liking. The very fact that they don't recommend it should elicit the red flag!!! Perhaps, in that circuit, the best possible parts are being used to achieve that unique sound......and other upgrades would tend to compromise this.....Be Advised......J.C. ....Gerald, and Dennis both concurred to advise me on this.
Thanks for yours kind words of caution.I in the past years had changed the signal caps in my Cary 211 to Vcaps . the improvement was very positve.Before the Vcaps upgrade,my other amp (Mc 2102)to my ear was more quiet and detail.But w/ the Vcaps in my Cary 211,TheMc 2102 amp was not a contender.So it was for sale.I personally don't believe that the Multi-Kimber caps combo in the Cary slp05 were the best parts chosen but for cost reason.
Just had all the Mundof- caps installed by RHB sound dezign.Without burn in .Everything sound very good and natural just as the way Audioman described.So far so good.Gary of RHB did a fantastic job installed those caps.His skill is as good as it get and at a very reasonable price.
Hi Jtran:
I have the stock SLP 05, but have been thinking about a cap upgrade. Do you recommend the Mundorfs?
they said the best parts were used for optimal performance and that upgrading will be a waste of $$$.
I suspect it is more a case of "we used the best parts that would make the preamp sound quite good for the price, and we believe upgrading parts would not be consistent with our concept of a reasonable cost/benefit ratio that meets our price point."

One area I would be curious to hear about is whether any of you have upgraded the ($35) Alps motorized potentiometer to a higher quality discrete resistor volume control solution? The (poor tracking) Alps control is the single reason I have not previously purchased this preamp. I am not questioning that the preamp sounds good, but I suspect it would sound significantly better with a DACT, Goldpoint, or another type of discrete resistor volume control.
I believe you're correct as to cost/benefit ratio and price-point considerations. Since I own the SLP 05, my thinking is that the best upgrade route for me would be to make improvements to my unit rather than buying a higher cost pre-amp. As to the volume pot, I absolutely need a remote controlled device. Please tell me if the DACT, Goldpoint or other type of discrete resistor volume control can be motorized.
Hi Jay.
The mundorf SGO definnitely sound much more open and extended in all area.All i can tell you is that there is no going back for me.Vcap is great but i think you have to go with the new Cutf cap to do better than the Mundorf SGO.
Thanks for the recommendation.
Hi Jay,
Although my current preamp uses a DACT attenuator, I looked into switching out a volume pot for a discrete resistor attenuator for a previous preamp I owned. Remote control was not a big issue for me but, I stumbled across Bent Audio, who offers a couple of discrete resistor volume controls with remote, including a motor that can be mounted to a DACT, if you have the room;
Thanks, Mitch!
Hi Jtran:

I have a few questions:

1. Do you have a list of the required capacitor values?

2. Did you change resistors?

Thanks in advance,
There are 6 kimber caps .33uf and 6 Multicaps 1uf .
they are connected in paralell (Multi and kimber cap combo)
If i had to do it again today ,i would go with the combo new Vcap Cutf .22uf and Mundorf siver gold oil 1uf.I have not change any resistors in the Slp 05 ,but i did it in my Cary 211 and the best one by far is the Shinkol tant.
Thanks again, Jtran!