Cary SLP-05 - rectifier tube questions

Hey All,

Several days ago, my 05 began to blow all the fuses (HiFi Tuning tweak ones too.. damn it!) and wouldn't power up. I found out that it was the rectifier tube that was blown and I swapped it out for a local 5AR4 tube that I found at my neighborhood Guitar Center.

Swapped it in and VOILA! Music again!

ONLY... this time, it sounded different - imaging wasn't as clear, there was a "dirty background" to it all, the voices didn't respond the way it used to from my memory when I turned the volume up, the stage was set further back behind speaker plane...

I am using Martin Logan Summits which are ruthlessly revealing of any upstream component.

So I began suspecting that there was a change and it might be because of the crappy rectifier tube that I just swapped in. A search on audiogon and many other forums seemed to validate my opinion and that rectifier tubes DO change the sound! I didn't know that! So I had NO bias going into this...

So now, I'm in search of the perfect 5AR4 rectifier tube.... a lot recommend the Mullards, but are there any other recommendation for tubes that are not so overly pricey?

The Cary 05 uses only 1 5AR4, so in that sense, I'm lucky I won't have to buy a pair...

Help me out, thanks!

I will still say that with the money you spent on that pre, it NEEDS the Mullard. I promise that you will not be let down. Go for it!!!
I use a Mullard 5AR4 in my Modwright 36.5 and I much prefer it over the stock tube. I am surprised you have never known tubes make a difference.
Try the Weber Copper Cap Rectifier - WZ68 to be exact.
I knew tubes made a difference, I just didn't figure that the rectifier tube would.

Rgurney... the WZ68 works for 5AR4 sockets?
Any other suggestions? Places to buy?
Joey_v - Check out the website I gave you. You can buy online. The WZ68 is basically a double GZ34(5AR4). Works great in my Bob Latino ST-70 and Fi monoblock 300B's.

I checked that site out.... these are SS rectifiers? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a tube rectifier? How does it sound?

Also, the mullard suggestions.... is it ANY mullard 5ar4 tube? Or is there a specific one?

The 5AR4 is the only Mullard tube I've ever appreciated. Long life and no negatives. Worth the $$.
Well your other issue is you say you blew the 40 dollar fuses.. Did you put the 30 cent home depot specials back in? If so you have changed 2 things, lost the old rectifier and lost the better fuses.. So this could be a combination of things possibly to get your sound back totally. And I agree with probably trying the Solid state replacement cap mentioned above vs. replacing the rectifier tube due to costs, and many of the rectifiers unless a Really good one, maybe like the mullard are very soft sounding and do exactly as you explain pulling the soundstage back.
If you do happen to buy a SS rectifier, and it doen't ruin the sound of your pre-amp, Please post the results. There's a first time for everything!
A SS rectifier doesn't ruin the peamp, does it? The Cary 05 has a slow warm up period.. I wonder how the SS rectifier will do with this process.

Any suggestions as where to get these Mullards, also?

I'm too lazy to type! Here's a site that mentions some pluses and minuses to SS rectifier subs that apply to ANY tubed circuit: (
as mentioned:
and many many others
The best Mullard 5AR4 was made in their Blackburn factory in the UK. I have one in my 300B SET amp and another one in the external power supply for ModWright Denon 3910 player.

I have also tried various 5AR4 tubes in my 300B SET amp. The closest one to Mullard 5AR4 is cryo'ed JJ 5AR4. You can get it from:

Is this ok?
Ask the owner. If the tube was really a Blackburn 5AR4, it should be good. I have 6 5AR4s in different logos and they all sound good.
Thanks fellas... I just found and bought a Philips Miniwatt metal base GZ34 tube...

This better be good....
Hi Joey,
My 9 months old SLP 05 just started to blow the main fuse and then the high voltage rail fuse..I havent found out why exactly did it do that just yet..I'll call Cary tomorrow..and hopefully it'd be the same issue as yours does the Miniwatt metal base sound in your unit? I have 4 here but havent tried them with the Cary yet. Your feedback on it would be greatly appreciated!!
I ask Cary techs about using the SS rectifier and they stated:
I have been asked this question several times. I would advise
against the use of any ss rectifiers with our products. Thank you for your inquiry and
support. Have an Excellent day!!!Gerald Walsh
1020 Goodworth Drive | Apex, NC 27539
919-355-0010 x105
919-355-0013 fax

Before borrowing a Cary 05 from my dealer it too was blowing some fuses....
What I did was to check the umbicial cord for shorts..all was well there (no shorts) then all I did was to clean all the pin contacts in the umbicial and the male pins on the 05..I used Deoxit cleaner.AND made sure that the fuses were the 1 amp slow-blow type..also check the rectifier tube.
Results so far is no more fuse'es blowing.don't know for sure but mabey it was a bad connection with the umbicial cord causing shorting or bad contact at the connector ends.
I just talked to Cary today..and Gerald suggested to replace the 5AR4 rectifier tube...I did..and all is well again. BTW I replaced the bad one with the Phillips Miniwatt Metal base GZ34 .

Similar problem as I had. How are the new Miniwatts you have there? I'm still waiting for mine.

Hi Joey,
I bought 4 of them, 2 from TubeDepot and 2 from TubeWorld before they ran out!!!

I used a pair on the Manley 300B Pre (sold recently) and 2 are new.
Well, immediately after i replaced the bad stock tube with the new Miniwatt, I played a few discs (David Sanborn's DVD-A, and Tord Gustavsen's cds), and the difference was pretty audible to my ears and my friend's: bass is tighter , deeper , and especially sax has more bite and breath. Pretty cool tube!!!!
Did you get yours yet??