Cary SLP-05 pre + Krell 302e/402e sound? Should I consider a different power amp?

Wondering how this match would sound.  I am sold on the Cary.  Should I consider another solid state power amp?
Have you tried this combo??  There's only one way to know for sure.
 I don't believe Krell recommends using tube pre amps with there amps. 
I bet that Cary sounds killer with a Krell, and as long as the output impedance matches properly it should work with any amp. If it we're my choice I'd get a Cary 120S MK II to insure that you have the largest pile of tubes possible. Winter is coming...
The Krell has an input impedance of 100k ohms S.E,   200k balanced. 
The Cary SLP 05 output impedance is 400 ohms. The Cary has a high gain level of 17 db RCA  and 24 db via XLR.
Good luck,