Cary SLP-05 Plug-in

I have a Cary SLP-05 tube preamp, I would like some advise as to the best plug-in method. I presently own a power conditioner is it better to plug the Cary into the wall (dedicated circuit) or the Sound Application power conditioner, my digital front ends are already plugged into the Pcond. Please advise. Thanks
Why don't you try both and see if it makes a difference? For the record, my SLP-05 is plugged into my power conditioner, which is shared with the CD and the power amps. If there is a difference, I can't hear it ... but then I am blessed to live in a town with very clean power supply.
Well you are using THE Cary SLP-05 pre. is this hooked up to your Mac. 501's.

I am waiting for a Supratek pre. but this is on my list to hear in my system.

Did you try any different power cords with your Mac's as of yet?