CARY SLP 05 Owners..Seperate or Not

I would like to get some input on the Cary SLP05 Preamp.
Is it better to seperate the two units and put them on their own isolation or keep them together.Would there be that much of a difference?
I have had the slp05. I couldn't tell the difference.
I have the SLP05. No difference.
Thanx for the input..very interesting ,most equiptment with seperate pwr supplies benefit from being seperated.
Cary has it down to a science...
Dgordon that's because of interference from the transformer. If you ever open up the power supply of your SLP-05 (as I have done many times, to replace those light bulbs that keep blowing!) you will see why it is safe to stack them.

The other quoted reason is mechanical grounding of the component base. I'm not a big believer of cones or support bases even though I have them. The only reason I don't believe them is because they don't work for me.