Cary SLP 05 & Isoclean Fuses- Amazing

After buying new speakers, Avalon Eidolon, my system became much more transparent and revealing. But then I quickly realized my preamp was the weak link- soft muddy bass and not very transparent so I decided to do some tweakings.
I replaced the two stock fuses in the power supply w/ Isoclean fuses and was literally blown away. The resolution improved by at least 20-30% and I could hear little details that were not there before.
I also replaced the stock 5ar4 w/ a metal base 5ar4 and the bass is now fast and tight. I use a combination of Brimar and Pope 6sn7 tubes w/ great results.
These are great tweaks that should make your Cary preamp sound alot better. I was going to sell the Cary and buy an Eistein preamp but no need to do so anymore! Happy listening my friends.
I've had good results using the Hifi-tuning fuses in my amp. I've read in some posts that the Isoclean fuses are directional, even though the manufacturer says that they aren't. Did you experiment with reversing the fuses?
It's actually the HI Fi fuse manufacturer that says their own fuses are *not* directional. Isoclean obviously thinks their fuses are directional as fuses marked with arrow. The Hi Fi fuses that should be reversed to see if they sound better one way or the other.

~ Cheerio
how are fuses directional. i mean, let's think about this folks.
06-26-08: Keithr
how are fuses directional. i mean, let's think about this folks.

The have to be oriented according to which hemisphere you live. :-)
The Isoclean fuses are directional and they are truly amazing.
Anyone try Furutech fuse, I was told its lot more better, and another one namely IXOS... can find info on web though