Cary SLP 03 Owners Tube Rolling Ideas

I would like to hear from Cary SLP 03 owners on their opinions about different tubes they have tried in their 03's...My 03 is fully broken-in and I still have the original EH 12au7's installed.Doesn't really sound too bad,but one reviewer stated that the circut was sensitive and would benefit by doing some tube rolling.Would the GOLD Pin EH 12au7's be better? For now I have a quad of Sylvania 5814a's triple mica arriving soon for a try.
I am not interested in the Mullard sound.Too slow,warm,and sweet sounding.I had them in the Input section of my Manley Mahi amps,and didn't like them.
Looking foward to hearing some suggestions.
Since your tastes(like mine) are toward the more open, transparent and accurate: I'll suggest the Siemens or Telefunken ECC802S as the ultimate for your application. If the cost of those is too salty: The Siemens CV491/ECC82 isn't a slouch either. The 802S is a "specially selected for triode balance and low noise" tube, but any tubes should be carefully graded as very low noise for a pre-amp, phono or mic circuit. These tubes have been counterfeited in the past. If you shop for the Tele's: Be certain they have the diamond on the bottom. This site contains some good info on what flavors to expect from some of the other variants of the family: (
I want to express my experience: Changed the stock EH for 4 vintage Haltron's and it was a different preamplifier, the bass got ideal and detail was much better, a 35% upgrade just with the change of tubes.
So indeed try different tubes before upgrading to a different preamp. Hope this helps other Cary SLP 03 owners.