Cary SLI80 vs CAry SEI300B

I an considering replacing my Cary SET amp. While the SEI300B is wonderful in the mid range especially for vocals and does well for chamber music, the soundstage "collapses" with larger orchestral works. The reviews of the SLI80 suggest that the amp in the triode mode approaches the sweetness of the SET amp and then my read is that the additional power will have a better impact on staging for larger works. Does my resoning make sense. OBTW, I am using ProAc 1sc speakers. Appreciate your comments and thoughts.
Hey Dave, yeah, well, the triode mode of my SLI-80 is definitely sweeter than the ultralinear mode, and more liquid and present and realistic than most amps - certainly all the solid state ones I've tried. I think that the SLI-80 amp sounds and looks great. I have the impression - and this is only an impression - that it does NOT have that last ounce of smoothness and realism that true SET is alleged to have. I've done some tube rolling and experimenting with the bias, it's fun.

I've been thinking of trying an SEI300 with my Silverline Sonatina II's, which are more SET friendly than Proacs (my old Proacs 2.5 benefited from lots of power, and smaller Proacs probably need even more power to get moving.).

Northern California
I just went through this quandry myself. I kept the Cary SEI 300b and sold the SLI 80. THe 300 b was much sweeter and the realism is much better than the SLI80. The only real problem is rock and roll. Now when I want to listen to the Stones or The Doors, I go for a ride in the car and turn it up. There are always trade offs. Keep your SEI300b. My speakers are Proac Response D Two's.
Find an SLI 50 which is 30 watts class A with E34L's. It has speed, purity of tone, and excellent dynamics. While far short of the SLI 80 in absolute power, it's not that far off of the SLI 80 in Triode. The SLI 50 is the same basic chassis except in chrome.
The ARC CA50 was suggested. Anyone have any experience with that amp?