Cary SLI-80 with KT-120 tubes?

I contacted Cary and they said the KT-120 output tube will work with the SLI-80. I was wondering if any SLI-80 owners have tried the KT-120 and have any opinion or comments?
I have tried 6550's, KT88's, el34's, kt77's, and recently the KT120's in the Cary. They all have their merits, but with the right speakers I prefer the EH el 34 the most. I think in triode it has a wonderful balance.

However the lower wattage of the EL34 just could not drive my latest speakers properly. The KT120 tubes went a long way to fill out the bottom end and overall presentation. I know they do not increase the power output, but they definitely present a much fuller sound with my harder to drive speakers.

So it all depends on what you are looking for, and what speakers you are trying to drive.
Thanks for the info. I may try a set of EL34's first...
Do the KT-120's run in triode mode, 'Kettle7830'? I'm interested in building an amp around this tube, but have so far seen little to suggest OPTIMUM operating points, via the "famous search engine" route.

'Kpodolski', did you get the idea that Cary had a good handle on this design issue yet? One problem, of course, is that existing amp designs can't normally supply the high B+ voltage that the KT-120 might want to really get there... and most manufacturers will be reluctant to base new designs of this sort around a single source output tube.
Seakayaker, I emailed tech support at Cary and the response was that the SLI-80 would support the KT-120. I'm thinking that I'll call Cary directly and talk with someone to verify compatability. The last thing I want to do is destroy my unit because of a vacum tube!!!
I've been using KT120 tubes with the SLI-80 for the past couple of years with no issues, just don't forget to re-bias your amp after you swap any tubes out.