Cary SLI-80 with EL-34 tubes

I am going to switch back to my Cary SLI-80 amplifier. I am not much impressed with vintage GEC KT-88 tubes (yes, they are musical but lack that "midrange magic", clarity tight bass and focus as I heard with xf-coded Mullard EL-34 tubes).

I will appreciate any opinions on Cary SLI-owners who used EL-34 tubes in it. Last time I biased them at 65mA and it was good.

I am also contemplating the purchase of EL-34 based Ideal Innovations Classic 60 - should be rugged and musical, point-to-point wiring...
I am using the re-issued Tung-Sol EL 34's on my SLI-80 and really prefer these over the KT-88's (SED,EH,Chinese; liked the chinese KT-88 over the others). I have biased them from 60 mA upto 75 mA (Tech from Cary said you could take them up to 75 mA. I personally like them between 70-75, as there is more warmth and body to the midrange, which I believe is what you want from the EL-34's. One particular isssue with the Tung-Sol's: they tend to increase in noise as you go higher in the bias.
Thank you, it's very interesting.