Cary SLI 80 with B&W 703 will it be a good match?

Looking to add a tube-based integrated to my setup. I already own a pair of B&W 703's and really like them, my only grip is that they aren't exactly an easy load for most amplifiers.

I haven't found much info about their impedance curve but what I did find is this (ultimateavmag):

- Minimum impedance is 2.8ohms at 100Hz.
- Impedance remains below 4ohms from about 79Hz to 400Hz
- I would conservatively rate its nominal impedance at 4ohms.
- The 703's sensitivity measured about 88dB/2.83V/m

My source is a squeezebox v3, I don't listen to music at very loud levels. The output is typically 80-85dB (or less), I still want there to be sufficient bass at that output level though (ideally it shouldn't add or take away anything bass-wise).
You have speaker that may not be tube friendly, certainly not SET friendly. I have a TAD 60 el34 based power amp rated at 30 to 60 watts depending on whether you want to run UL or Triode mode. I think it would do the trick and cost you a lot less than the Cary. I haven't found a speaker yet that this amp couldn't drive to your level of listening. There were a couple on A'gon for 7 or 8 hundred. I have had several tube amps and this is my favorite so far. I have had the primaluna 2, shanling stp 80, and others.
I have a Cary SLI 80 with a pair of B&W CDM-1SE's. They sound very good together, the Cary in fact is an upgrade from my McIntosh MA6450. I am not completely in love with the Cary & in fact may switch back to a different Mac but they certainly work well together. I would say you will drive the 703's fine with the Cary.
Fishwater, what in particular bothers you about it?
There is nothing really but before I purchased the Cary I ran an older Mac 2505 & was blown away by the sound so I am switching back. I am a fan of the Cary but it is not the Mac sound I am lusting after now. I think there is great synergy between the Cary & B&W's but for my listening taste I could use more power. I listen to rock music exclusively & want a bit more oomph, perhaps the Cary is a little too polite as well. Again, none of it is the fault of the amp, I think for you it will be fine especially since you listen at lower volume levels.
As a owner of the SLI-80 I would be hesitant to recommend it with your speakers. It will drive them, but at 88db/4ohms its not an optimal pairing. Most like the Cary best in its 40 watt triode mode and my guess you would need to run the Cary in the 80 watt UL mode as opposed to triode. My speakers (tyler monitors) are approximately the same effeciency as yours, but 8 ohm and I find the 80 watt UL settin works best. To drive the Tylers to 80-85db levels (which is pretty darn loud in my opinion!) I would have to run the volume level at 12 o'clock on most music. I have been very happy with the Cary, but my next move will be to more tube friendly speakers. Hope this helps.