Cary SLI-80 vibration

I have a Cary SLI-80 Sig that has vibrations that can be felt on the front knobs as well as the top of the transformers and the chassis. I had the power transformer replaced by Cary and that helped, however there are still the vibrations. The speakers are picking this up- I get a distinct hum from the woofers about 1 foot away.

I took it back to Cary (I live close by) and the Tech (Gerald, great guy) brings me to the back and put the amp on their test bed. That's customer service. Everything is biased, we moved some tubes around (EH KT-88s) but still the vibration. Everything else looks great.

Well guess who comes over to ask what's up? Dennis himself! So we talk and he says, bring this thing to my test bench. The tech says, you're getting special treatment. Don't I know it!

Dennis hooks it up, listens, looks, and says the amp is in spec. Nothing wrong with it. I say yeah, sounds great, but those darn vibrations. He says everything seems to be in order, we talk about the EH tubes, the sound, and that's it.

Should I expect the vibrations or just live with it?

I respect Cary Audio and everyone that works there has been very pleasant and gracious. I would certainly purchase another Cary product- I hold nothing against them.

I am not the original owner and the amp is about 2.5 years old.

Well transformers do sometimes vibrate to beat the band.

Ask Sir Had if the transformers are oil filled or parafin filled. If they're oil filled sometimes a couple of hours in the oven at 185F with the door open will do the trick.

NOTE: Only the transformers, not the whole amp.

Just a few thoughts.......... possible help. I have a Cary SLA-70 amp that vibrated audibly. ( though not thru the speakers ) I cleaned the tube pins and sockets, then treated with Caig pro gold. Installed 4 new EH EL-34's. Also installed large heavy brass tube dampers on the 2 6SN7's and also silicone damper rings ( Herbie's?) on the 5U4 rectifier tubes. The above fixed the issue and hum can only be heard if you listen very closely near the amp. No noise thru the speakers. Good luck.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check to see what the transformers are filled with.

I suspected I'd need to add some tube dampening- good suggestions. Did you damp the EL-34s? I'll also try some treatment on the pins.

Thanks again-
Here's the update- tonight I put my Black Diamond Racing cones and Those Things back under the amp and poof- vibrations/hum gone! I had them under before, but maybe in slightly different positions. Weird, but I'll take it.

Of course I ordered six Herbie HAL-O tube dampers last night. I'll still give them a try. So until next time, vibration and hum have disappeared.

Thanks again for everyone's suggestions-
Glad to hear you solved the problem. No, I did not dampen the EL-34's. Sorry for the delay.