Cary SLI-80, Too Warm?

I am in the market for a new integrated amp and speakers. My front end is Koetsu RSP and Herron VTPH-2.

I have not settled on speakers yet but will likely opt for a monitor given my relative small room (1800 cu. ft). Merlin TSM's (previously owned VSM's) are on my list as well as the Acoustic Technologies single driver which I will listen to next week and several others.

Would the Cary be too warm given the Herron/Koetsu combination?

I am not specifically wedded to a tube amp.
It depends on the output tubes you choose. If you can sub in 6550s for instance you will probable get a more SS like "cooler" (vs Warmer) sound. On the other hand I had TSMs and found they worked very well with a 6CA7/EL34s.
Thanks. Anyone know the difference between the Signature version of the SLI-80 and the regular?
Mine is Direct Coupled F1 from Upsacle Audio and is definetly not warm sounding. My speakers are Focal 1007 Be monitors with HGA X32 all silver speaker cables. I am currently using Genalex KT-88 output tubes.
Signature has been the standard version for a long time now, as I understand. Upgrade is F1, with or without direct coupling.

You can tune the sound a lot by selecting output impedance match (4 vs 8 ohm) and ultralinear vs triode sound, as well as tube selection.