Cary SLI 80 stopped working

Help. My SLI 80 which was working perfectly last night simply won't power-up now. (It is the older model with no remote or headphone jack.) No green LED, no tube glow... nothing! There is power at the plug, and the two fuses at the rear appear (from what I can tell) to be good.

Any ideas?
I know you have probably already done this but my amp did the same thing one time. My problem was my aftermarket Audience Power cord was had pulled away just far enough out of the IEC receptacle. Pull your power cord out of the amp and plug it back in. Also check the source it is plugged into.

If this doesn't do the trick. You have probably blown a fuse.


I would check the fuses om a volt-omh meter. Sometimes they appear to be good, but are bad. This is assuming the pc is all the way in. Also it is possible the power on switch is bad. If you replace the fuses make sure you buy them at Radio Shack. " 250amp for home use " not the automotive type.
I used to owned one if i remember correctly there is a AC fuse holder right at the IEC receptacle check it out.
I'll check with fuses with a volt-omh meter and let you know if it is the fuses (I hope it is)!
Yup- when I checked the AC fuse with my ohm meter I found out that it is shot even though to my eye it looks perfect! Now the question is: "Where can I find a fuse on Dec 25th"?