Cary SLI-80: static when I touch the balance knob

I get buzzing and static at the lightest touch of my balance knob on SLI-80 -- this only happens when there is no source playing, as soon as play a source the static goes away and everything appears/plays and balance knob works as normal. I discovered this accidently tonight. Is this a sign that something is on the fritz inside the Cary, or should I just try and ignore it? What could this be?


what type of shoes were you wearing ?
At first I was going to say the volume pot might be going. Typically, that is what happens when you hear static. But it made me wonder when you said you only heard it when there was no source. Are you sure it doesn't crackle when there is a source play, but you just can't hear it because of the music?
Positive. No crackling at all when a source is playing. So I think that rules out a dirty POT. The bizarre thing is - is it is not even the volume POT that crackles, it is the balance knob.

Any more ideas? I may call Cary today, to see what they say about it.
Forgot to mention: the static and crackling will happen only even if I only slightly make contact with the balance knob. I do not even need to be turning it.
Have you tried degaussing yourself by touching something metallic other than your equipment prior to touching the balance knob.


Low and behold one of my outlets was not grounded properly. When I moved the Cary to a properly grounded outlet, the static noise is gone.