Cary SLI 80 Signature Upgrade?

I just ordered one of these with HexFreds and KT120s and my audio guy suggested I may also want to upgrade to Cardas Caps and move the oil filled Audio 1s to the back. He would do it himself because he would charge less than Cary. I’m new to this audiophile thing so…any opinions?
I would suggest that you explore other alternative brands of caps. Cardas is a good name, but they are not one of the current top ten favorites for this. Check the forums for a lot of information and opinions. In particular, member Volleyguy has a long running thread on the subject.
I have a Cary V12r that I had the Cardas caps installed in. They were better than the original ones, but I'd agree with Roxy. I'd be curious to see hear my amp with a set of Mundorf's in it.
Try Dueland caps. I have them installed in my Audio Note L3 preamp. They sound great. They're not inexpensive though.
Ghost Pepper,
A cap that is well thought of by minds much greater than mine is the Jupiter copper foil. They are supposed to be sonically comparable to Duelund, and the price, while not cheap, is far more affordable.
I am having an amp built presently, and I had the stock Mundorfs replaced by the Jupiters. Do a search for them in the forums.
This is a bigger topic than I was prepared for! I was expecting a simple yes or no. Ha. I should have done some research before asking. I have a feeling this will take some time...I'll look into the Jupiters first.
I would just suggest that you live with your new gear for some time. Remember that you upgraded well beyond your initial budget already. As a newcomer what you may not be aware of is the fact that there is no end to this chasing of the carrot. You will never have the resources to take this pursuit to its ultimate conclusion because there is no such thing. There is always more to achieve or obtain. Take your time. Stretch it out. Move from one plateau to another slowly and deliberately. Remember you are buying this stuff to listen to music and try to keep that as your focus. Becoming too involved in the pursuit of perfection will only get you in trouble. And that treadmill leads only to dissatisfaction, which is clearly counterproductive.
Live with the unit stock before you contemplate any upgrades. You need to understand and appreciate the unit's sound signature for a period of time before you attempt to modify the unit. Not all "upgrades" are sonic improvements.
I asked for cap recommendation for my Sli-80 F1 on the amp forum at the Audio Asylum site and got quite a range of recommendations. It's an interesting group with a lot of DIY experience that hangs out there.

I went with the Cardas caps, which are no longer in production but can probably still be found. The Audio Connection in Seattle had them a few months ago when I had the work done. I don't know if they sell them, though, John may be saving them for his repair business. He likes them a lot and recommended them very highly. He'd bought a large stock of them when he heard they would no longer be produced.

I agree with the recommendation to just listen for awhile before you start upgrading. I did the swap because one of the original Jensen paper in oil caps failed, not because I was unhappy with the sound.
Yeah, John at Audio Connection is my guy! He’s the one who recommended I consider upgrading to those old Cardas Caps he has but of course he told me I can wait to do it IF I want to do it. I really I want to be satisfied with what I’ve got from the get-go and not fall down the slippery slope of obsessing about upgrading and tube rolling in the future, which is why I asked you all if I should switch out the Jensens now.

Since it was mentioned, I never had a budget…I just spent more than I originally thought I had to in order to achieve GOOD sound. This is actually just a part of “furnishing” a new home from almost scratch and I like nice things and I’m paying for it all with cash so I haven’t completely lost my mind!
Nice post with words of wisdom. Chasing perfection often leads to frustration and angst.
True Charles...and what's worse, you're chasing something that doesn't exist.
I couldn't agree more with Macrojack, Chareles1dad, and Roxy54. You've made some excellent choices in your equipment so now is the time to just listen to music and let everything get settled in for a while. Welcome to the club!!
I disliked the Audio One caps, wish I had replaced them earlier. Went with teflon V-Caps purchased by me and installed by Cary. Wonderful and worth it.