Cary SLI-80 Signature: 6550/KT88 shootout

Hello people!

Recently acquired Amp has me searching for some nice tubes.

Currently have Electro-Harmonix 6550EH, Svetlana 6550.

I don't want to sacrifice bass quantity or quality, but am interested in tubes that sound good without losing anything compared to these tubes, which are fairly cheap.

Any thoughts?
Generally speaking KT88s have a "fatter" mid range and do not have quite the freq. extention of the 6550. It is really almost impossible say to which is best there are way to many variables. I plan to keep 6550s in my SLI-80 but there must be good reasons people are spending $400 + apiece for NOS MO KT88s. Why not try the Svet Kt88 and see what you think they are only around $200 a quad. Keep in mind that changing the preamp tubes in the SLI-80 will give you more bang for the buck.

I agree with Intune. I'd try some 7308 Siemens and early 50's RCA 6SN7.

That will do more for the soundstage, bass tightening and extension than anything you could do with the power tubes. Although I did have the above combo with Svet 88's and it was pretty killer with Silverline monitors.

It's about $350 +/-.

Have fun!
thanks guys!!

ANy extra 7308s laying around?