Cary sli-80 power cord

I just purchased a Cary sli-80 f1 and am wondering what other, past or present, sli-80 owners used for after market pc`s and what their ears heard. <$350 used, if possible.

I`m powering merlin tsm/mme`s with an audio aero prima cdp front end. cardas gr ic`s and reality sp. cables. cardas gp sp. cables in near future.

I have an Audience in my SLI-80 and first thing I noticed is that it opens up the sound.
Changing tubes in my experience will have a larger impact on the sonic character of the unit and will provide you with a more effective means in which to contuor the sound to your liking.

Dick...I agree you can always resell and recoup your cost or most of it. I liked the Cardas PC but didn't care for it on the CDP, however, it worked well on my amp. I have tried others that work better; LessLoss being one of them. Just my 2 cents :)