Cary sli-80 power cord

I just purchased a Cary sli-80 f1 and am wondering what other, past or present, sli-80 owners used for after market pc`s and what their ears heard. <$350 used, if possible.

I`m powering merlin tsm/mme`s with an audio aero prima cdp front end. cardas gr ic`s and reality sp. cables. cardas gp sp. cables in near future.

I have a PS Audio Statement Xstream on my SLI-80F1 . Can't say I hear any difference. I just happen to have an extra one lying around the house so I figured why not use it.

Thanks for the response, Chuck. I just wonder if the sli-80 benefits from exotic wire changes or not. If I can put that expense into something else, that would certainly be good.
I was hoping for a few more responses. Anybody?
Cary Audio did in fact select a power cord, as do all manufacturers, when they designed your amplifier.
Capt369 Your welcome. I would stick with the stock cord if it were me and put my money into some other upgrade. I had the same experience with my conrad johnson amp/pre-amp. That being I didn't hear any difference by upgrading the power cord from the stock supplied unit. But I know how it is to want to tweak things.

The only place I heard a discernable improvement in a power cord upgrade was on my cd player (highly modded SCD-1). The improvement was a lowered noise floor (much blacker background).

Great Integrated by the way. I really enjoy mine.

I liked the JPS Labs AC+ w/my F-1. It's a pretty stiff stout cord so make sure the standard length works in your setup. Seemed to bring out more articulate bass (not the fish). enjoy that's a great amp.
Thank you to all of you who took the time to respond to this thread. I just made a deal for a cardas gr pc for it along with a cardas golden pc for my cdp.

My second system is almost identical to yours i.e. Cary SLI80F1 and Merlin TSM's. The SLI80 responds very well to tube rolling, therefore, I would only look towards improving the PC after you have experimented with tubes. I use a DIY made Acrolink 6N OCC terminated with Furutech plugs.
I use an Audience Au24 on my Cary pre but I am not a huge fan of spending tons of money on PCs. If I were buying a PC now, I would give the Cullen Circuit guy's products a very serious look. They claim to have been the OEM for some pretty high flying quality PCs. Other than that the usual suspects of decent well made PCs are what I would look for.
I don't know what I was thinking when I bought some more costly cords, as I honestly haven't noticed a real difference on my dedicated circuits. I do find that IC's and speaker cable make a big difference and think your Cardas choices are good ones. I do use silver ICs on my sources though.
When you get the Cardas also try it on your amp. The Golden Refs do well on amps. I never cared for it on the CDP. It didn't sound open and airy enough in my system but thats my system. Another buddy had the same experience.
Samzx, at least with the cardas pc try, you can usually recoup your money selling used on here if you don`t care for it. Bobby P. of Merlin fame uses all cardas for his speaker`s internal wiring, master rc`s, ic`s, pc`s and sp. cables.

I do consider him a true master of his craft and at least try his suggestions. They`ve certainly paid off so far.

Brf, yup, tubes are next.
I have an Audience in my SLI-80 and first thing I noticed is that it opens up the sound.
Changing tubes in my experience will have a larger impact on the sonic character of the unit and will provide you with a more effective means in which to contuor the sound to your liking.

I have Kimber PK10's that do a good job on my AES Six Pac amps.
Dick...I agree you can always resell and recoup your cost or most of it. I liked the Cardas PC but didn't care for it on the CDP, however, it worked well on my amp. I have tried others that work better; LessLoss being one of them. Just my 2 cents :)
Samzx, thanks for the LessLoss pc tip. I`ll look into it.
Yes I forgot to second the tube roll. My preamp's character changes immensley with tube changes. I happen to collect 6SN7s and bought my pre because it used them. I was thrilled when I found the rolling did reflect the tube's qualities. I ended up using some top notch Sylvania W's to no ones surprise. I need not extoll their virtues here they have been lauded over many times. I do like the Brimar CV1988 which are not the usual Australian made for export type which are just so so. These are the british tubes with black glass.
If it wasn't feasible to try different cords ala borrowing from the Cable Company, then I'd recommend either Shunyata or Synergistic
Thanks guys, but I`m lovin` the cardas gr pc on my cdp and the cardas golden on my sli-80.

Tubes next. Thanks for the 6sn7 tips, Mechans, but I`m gonna have to go a little lower budget for now on tubes after buying the sli-80 and cardas golden wires all the way around. Gives me something to look forward to.