Cary SLI-80 owners. Questions

I recently bought this amp on A'gon but find the manual lacking. This is an older version with the chrome chassis and KT-88 output tubes. There are two switches on the top of the chassis that I assume are for switching between the 40w and 80w but don't know which is which. Unfortunately it's been in the shop as the shippers dropped it and broke some important stuff so I can't do an a/b comparison. Also can I switch output tubes or do I have to be careful about frying it? I'm new to tube amps and I can't seem to get info from Cary. Thanks.
The manual is lacking, but the amp is killer. I can't remember exactly, but seem to recall the forward switch positions as 40watts and the backwards position as 80 watts. Once you receive the amp, the difference will be obvious. Although louder with more drive, the 80 watts will lack the sweetness, linearity, and three dimensional soundstage of the pure triode 40watts. Cary is shut down this week for vacation, but you can easily reach them next week. Call 919-355-0013 and ask for either Kurt, their head technition, or Dennis, the man who designed the amp. Either will be more than happy to help. In general, Cary has some of the best service in the industry. Tube rolling is no problem, but make sure you properly bias the tubes. Cary has an excellent instructions on their website regarding this procedure ( Hope this helps. Patrick
Thanks Patrick! Exactly what I needed. Thanks. I guess that explains why I did not receive an answer from Cary.
I had the amp for a weekend before I took it in and it sounded great for the short time it worked properly.
Stuart, sorry for such a late response. You are more than welcome and please feel free to email with any questions about Cary or audio in general. Hope you enjoy your new amp. Patrick