Cary sli 80 or ARC VSi 55

I am interest between these 2 intregrate tube amp. My CD is accuphase dp65, Speaker is proac 1sc. My preference music is vocal pop, jazz and instrumental. Any comment about SLI 80 and VSi 55 ?
I don't, but i'm considering the same two amps. Let me know if you get any info
I have the ARC and I believe its a more "solid state" sounding piece than the Cary. The ARC will have spot on fleshed out mids and the mid to low bass will be solid and hard hitting.

If the Cary sounds like their other pieces it will be a more "tubey" sound. I've heard your CD player and together the two may be too much of a good tubey thing... it's all about the flavor you like to listen to.

Honestly I like the Cary stuff also and I could live with either. Keep in mind though that only ARC has Leonard answering your calls if you have a question and he ROCKS!!!


Good luck!!

I have a Cary SLI-80. It's a great amp for the price. You can use KT88, 6550, KT90, 6L6, and KT66 as output tubes and tub roll to your hearts content. It voices much better, more articulate and detailed in the triode mode then the ultralinear, but still has a lot of bass slam. IMHO can't find any better for the price, just different.

good listening,

From Cary you can also contact Dennis or Bill very easy, they are concerned about customers needs.

Personally I had emailed them lots of times.
Also prefer point to point preamps or integrateds, less signal route more purity IMHO.
Thank u for all response

Goten 1969, First I must say I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Highly Appreciate your very help information. .It's hit to the point. 6 months ago I listened to VSi55 and agree with u that it's tube but also seem like solid state sound, good image, sound stage, bass, and look powerful. Now my intregrate amp is Krell 400xi, solid state. I like and live with it for 6 months. Just 3 weeks ago my friend let me try one Thai cheap SET amp. After that I know my taste and system especially 1SC, It's should be tube. U mention the good point about accuphase CD and Cary " the two may be too much of a good tubey thing... it's all about the flavor you like to listen to." I truely understand your point but my music preference favor this, " refine mid, airy and tubey".

Also thanks to Larry " Cary user " and Kops too. I will contact Cary for more information as u advise.

Next week there is a HiFi show in Bankok. I wish I have a chance to audition both.

Akoutback, after audition both or any more information I'll contact u later.

Honestly, Thailand is a beautifil place and variety. I think audiogon people will like it. Invite all.

Now I owned the first tube. I buy ARC VSi55. The reason is I was audiotioned it in the very similar system to mine. Accuphase CD (although different model), VSi55 and 1sc. I feel OK for the sound. Furthur more there is a demo one with minimal use and significant discount so I decided to buy it. I'm not try sweet Cary for comparison.

Here is about VSi55 that I find. First the building is look good and strong. The first impression for me is " Dynamic..dynamic" like solid state more than I expect for tube. The speed is fast and good impact. Precise image and good sound stage. The sound is airy in tube way but not too sweet and colour. The mid is refined as tube, good bass but not deep. However there is a subwoofer output if u need more deep and extended bass.Now the sound was changed everyday so I think it's not completely burn. However I think it's mate for my system, some sweet and refine mid from CD, attenuate pin point image from 1sc. I can listen to more music including soft rock and classic.

For conclusion I think it's intregrate tube amp with hybrid sound.

Lastly, I'm only 2 years experience audiophile. If anyone don't agree for my comment. Please correct me.
Hello Khun BoonChai,

I've also used 1sc (which really "Hit ever" in Thailand audiophile's dream in small monitor type). A bit late for my commend, but I tried both on ARC Tube-powers before.

I tried VSi55 and VT-50 with 1SC last couple months before I was down-size my system. I really like the result from VT-50 rather than VSi55. If you're enjoy with dynamic,I'm recommend you to try on Vt-50 as well, but anyway, Enjoy your listening krup.