Cary SLI-80 F1 & Special Edition or CJ Combo?

Hrllo all, I am trying to put togther my forst tube system and I am pondering over the CARY SLI-80 F1 Integrated or putting together second hand seprates off Agon here consiting of the Conrad Johnson MV60SE amp & PV15 Tube line stage. Both will be around the same $$$. What is going to give me better sound and peformance? Astheticallly I am leaning toward the SLI-80. I am matching to a new pair of Dali Helicon 400 MK's. Using MAC & DAC as well as turntable. Thanks in advance for the advice. Bye the way Cary or CJ is where my head is at.
CJ is great stuff, but I'm a huge Cary guy now. I love the warm sound it produces. All of the F1 stuff from Upscale Audio is stellar.
Thanks. The Cary is great stuff but I'm struggling with the idea of an integrated over separets. Especially CJ stuff.
CJ has a distinctly different sonic than Cary. Have you auditioned them? I would think that you would find the difference substantial enough to drive your decision.
FWIW an integrated can be a very smart decision it spares you the expense of a pre and avoids interconnects.
Thanks again. I have not had the chance to audition them yet. I know what I like but have not had the chance to hear them both. The Cary seems to be more of a "pure" tube amp with P/P wiring and no circuit boards. Thereason I through the CJ in the mix is that for the same price as the F1 I could get 9/10 mid-level CJ pre (PV15) & amp (MV60SE w/6550 output tubes. I already have excellent Kimber interconnects. I have read all the reviews and I know that Dennis Had at Cary is one of the Grandaddy's of the tube scene and highly respected. But then so it CJ for simple circuits and top drawer parts. I just don't know the difference in sound. I guess I'm just programmed to think seperates are inherently better. Maybe I should look at Cary seperates?$$$$.
I have the F1 all triode. Pheniominal amp and one of the very best headphone amps at any price! Never heard CJ, but know they are a fine American company as well. Best of luck!
Jd thanks for the response. So you are very happy with the F1 triode. Did you worry about giving up the pentoide option? I have Dali Helicon MK'2 and am wondering if I wouldn't want to have that extra 40 watts in reserve for the right music and conditions. I would most likely spend most if not all my time in triode myself. Are the sonic improvements for straight triode worth giving up the switchability? Thanks
How about that difference up or down you would get going from say an SLI-80 F1 to an SLP-98 and mono's or stereo. Does anyone know if Cary ever plans to come out with an SL stereo tube amp to match up with SLI & SLP line? Is the SLP Line Stage significantly better than the SLI-80?
On paper the Helicon does not appear to be an ideal match for a tube system. If you are dead set on tube amplification, I know there are better candidates for speakers within the same price range. As I recall, Cary had a 120S powering Helicon speakers @ RMAF 07 and it was nothing special.
OTOH, if you are dead set on those speakers and amps, I would go with the Cary since it offers more power.