Cary SLI-80 compared to Ayon Spirit III

I currently own the SLI-80 and am considering the Ayon Spirit III. Has anyone owned or auditioned both of these integrateds? Any advice on how the Ayon and Cary compare would be appreciated. Thanks!
Which incarnation of the SLI-80 are you referring to?
The Signature
I have had the good fortune to have experience with both of these amps and I would go with the Ayon. The hype around Ayon is truth and factual. I enjoyed the Sli-80, it was my first experience with tubes. While the Cary is a nice integrated and will serve you well the Ayon has it beat hands down. I have 25 years as a serious audio freak and bought the Ayon on a recommendation from a friend. You can contact me for more info.