Cary SLI-80 balance issues

I recently had my selector switch upgraded with a Grayhill at a local shop, since this was done my balance control has gone.
I have a cd running into the cd input and a dvd running into Aux1.
When playing on cd mode the right channel is considerably louder than the left.
When playing in Aux 1 mode the right channel is silent and while running the same component and switching to Aux2 the right plays and the left goes out.
Another strange happening is the fact that regardless of what you set the selector to (Aux1/Aux2) and play the cd you can hear it over anything else.
I have for the sake of argument changed out all tubes with no difference.
Help.... I am going to call Cary this week and explain the situation but was hoping someone else has some ideas before I take it back to the repair shop again.
Sounds like a botched upgrade. Sending it to Cary sounds like your best option.
Was this immediately after the upgrade???? if so I agree with the above poster. I have an SLI-80 F1 with the same upgrade and have no issues..........
I agree with Greg_lett... sounds like that shop got everything all screwed up.

One thing to remember... typically warranties are voided once aftermarket parts are installed. Before you call Cary, I'd make the local shop fix their screw up for free, or if they can't fix it, they should pay to have Cary fix it.