Cary SLI-80 and B&W CM7's

Before I drag my speakers in to hear this combination, does anyone have an opinion? The speakers are 88db. I'm new to tubes.
the sensitivity is a little low, but a friend has some Focal Monitors with the SLI80 and they sound amazing.
I use a Rogue Cronus with those speakers. The 55 tube watts is plenty to drive them.
That Rogue Cronus looks very nice. Did they stop making that? I noticed the Tempest on their web site, but did not see the Cronus.

Thanks for the information. I really need a break from SS. I'm just trying to overcome a stint with Rotel. My ears feel like someone implanted aluminum foil in them.
I did end up finding the Rogue Cronus on their web site. I read a great review about i. How does it sound with the CM7's?
How it sounds with the CM7s, as it will with any speaker, will depend on its impedance curve.
If I was that up on that stuff, maybe my question would have been "what's the impedence curve on the Cronus look like?" And that's also not true. Bench tests don;t tell everything. If they did, nobody would own a tube amp.
Donjr, the truth is that tube amps typically have high output impedances and therefore, will interact with the impedance of the speaker more so than an amp with a low output impedance. There's no way around it. Some speakers are designed to present more of a resistive load to an amp and will be better suited to tube amps. Unfortunately, it seems many speakers (maybe the majority) today are designed for amps with a low output impedance.

The fact is that considering a tube amp forces the consideration of the impedance curve of the speaker. It usually forces the consideration of speaker sensitivity as well. Impedance matching of components, including speakers, is just a fact of physics in this hobby.

See this for reference:

Take a look at the impedance curve of this speaker:

Compared to this one:

The first speaker will present a more colored presentation than the second speaker. The same is true of this speaker:
I started with the Rotel 1062, the brightness got to me. The Rogue tamed it for me. I'm sure the Cary stuff is stellar. Good luck!
Thanks Bob and Superwolf. Bob, that information helped me out and I appreciate you taking the time to post it for me. I've been at my wits end lately, knowing that I messed up bad with the system I purchased this year. Hopefully I can get on track. I'm going to have to keep the CM7's for a couple of years and focus on an amp.
Donjr, I imagine that B&W would send you a graph of the impedance curve of the CM7. If it doesn't vary too much or is somewhat centered around one of the output taps (like the 8 ohm) of a tube amp, you could be quite happy with a tube amp. Your room will also affect the frequency response so the combination could work in your favor. You might also consider a tube hybrid amp or a tube preamp with a solid state amp.

Best of luck in the hunt.
Thanks Bob. I e-mailed B&W in the U.S. to see if they can get me the graph. I wonder if my new Rotel RB1582 would sound good with a tube pre-amp? I currently have it for sale on Audiogon because the Rotel amp and pre-amp sound so bright and can't listen for more than about ten minutes. Its obviously both the speakers and the amp and pre that are all kind of bright.
Donjr, I posted over on your tube preamp thread.