Cary SLAM 100 vs. Manley Snapper

Has anyone directly compared these two mono's?
If so what is your opinion?
Philefreak, could you give a little reason why?
Just listen to the two amps. Cary is a more reproduction type co. Manley is fine when it comes to PA but PA and home stereo are two differnt animals.
I liked both but bought the Snappers. Faster, quieter, more punch, and IMO a little more resolving. I have had mine for about four months, they hold there bias and are 100% quiet. I consider these amps a steal even at there new price. I also tried the Steelhead phonostage and it is the best I have heard and will be my next piece of Manley gear. There home stereo line is VERY good.
Another nice thing is the customer service. Mine came with one of the new EL34 making some noise. Manley overnighted a full retube for both amps, no questions asked.

I considered both models before buying my Dodd 120 MK II mono blocks. Mine had the cap upgrade already installed.

I am quite pleased with them. near Dead quiet... hold bias, and sound super. Quick, honest, and reliable.

Manley, Dodd, and Cary all have good customer support. I almost went with the Manley's, but the Dodds came up for sale here and presented a far better value, and oh yeah, some more power too.

Good luck.
Tom_, Do the Snappers have more punch with the cary in 95W triode mode or 165W ultra-linear mode?
Not 100% sure how he is using them with his Vandersteens (quatros) but tried both with my Harbeths. Both amps are very nice. But the flow of the music seemed to move along at a better pace with the Manleys. YMMV. His system also uses a Cary preamp. Mine is posted here. At the used prices i dont think you would have any trouble turning them if you tried both.
Thanks for the response Tom, I'm looking for a nice pair of used snappers to pop up..
Good luck with your purchase. Hopefully they will be what your looking for.
I have a mint pair of SLAM 100s with boxes & new tubes if your search for Manleys doesnt come up as quickly as you like. Ive been very happy with them but I wanted to go back to SS as I located the amps that match the rest of my setup. Best of luck.

What amp is more reliable between the two?
Philefreak, that is such a naive and uninformed statement when you have Mitch Margolis as the chief designer of this fine amp.

And PA? Do you even know what microphones, preamps, EQs and mastering limiters are? This is the very stuff that is used to make the very same music that you enjoy on your Carys!

PA indeed!

Oh, and does Cary wind their own trannies? I thought so.
You just revived a thread that has been dead for three (3) years.

Bored much?
Obviously I don't read dates. But what the heck, it piqued your interest. ;-)