Cary sla70 Mod to triode

Wondering if anyone has had this done by CARY or done it on your own? Cary wants about $550 to upgrade the amp to run in triode and im curious how much power loss there typically is running in triode versus stock?
I had it done by Cary - bought a SLA70 second hand on AGon, sent it to Dennis sight unseen and had them go nuts. Mods include WBT binding posts, Jensen Oil Caps, Kimber input wire, copper B+ wire set, Bias jack, 100K bias pot, triode/ultralinear switch. About $575 all in.

I use it in triode, and have done some rolling ending up with Tungsol 6550's, new Mullard GZ37s and currently Sylvania JAN 229s. Sound is lovely, lots of detail and air. I have Silverline Sonatina Mk I's, so no overwhelming bass though what there is, is solid. The Silverlines are about 90db efficient so there is more gain then I need in this room.

Here's my take. If you also have to buy the SLA70, you should probably think it through since you will be in AES/Rocket country when you are done. If you already have the SLA70 then its a nice upgrade.

I don't remember how much is lost - I think about 10w/chnl.
Mine has had slight mods with Mit multicaps and rtx already. I too purchased this second hand.

Whats your take on how the sound changed? Mine sounds quite lovely in current form with the PROACS which really nicely complement the tubes softness with their own precision and detail. My only complaint might be a slightly forward soundstage without much stage breadth. Did the switch to triode change this dramatically or simply present the same thing in a slightly different way???
Can't say - I never heard them before the mods.

I do think that the tubes and some of the tweaks changed the sound as much as anything. I don't feel that the overall sound is particularly soft though it is obviously tubey. I too have noticed that the soundstage is not the most awesome in the world but I chalked that up to placement - may have to rethink that.