Cary SLA 70 vs. Rocket 88

Looking for a nice tube amp under $1000. Any one have experience with these two? Thanks.
I once owned the Rocket 88 and was deeply disappointed in it. I would by something (anything) else.
I have never owned the Rocket 88, but the SLA 70 is a very good performer for the price. Alittle older than some would like, but it packs a punch when you put nice drivers and power tubes in it.
I opened mine once with my repair man and the caps, direct wiring, all amazing. The amps transformers hold the power well and it still sings.
I also have one for sale. Interested?
I don't know what techno means by dissappointed.. a little more specific would be helpful. But anything else? He must have bought one made on Monday by a hung over tech. I've got the R version and it beat out the last SS amps I had in my system (Nuforce, Usher - both considerably more wattage then the Rocket) for musical weight, extension and presentation. I think it's a great amp, as does pretty much every reviewer I've read who's heard it. Add to that switching on the fly for both speakers taps 4/8 ohm and output 30 triode/60 UL, rock-solid build, American servicing and great used prices -- not much not to like IMO.
Isn't the biasing procedure quite a bit more involved(requires removing the bottom plate?) on the SLA 70 versus the Rocket 88 which can be easily biased from the top of the chassis? I've heard the Rocket before & it's a great amp w/the right speakers, especially run in triode.
The Rocket 88-R with the right tubes is a great amp.
yes, Rocket has one bias adjustment on top for all 4 tubes.

Jburidan - what tubes do you like?
I'd be curious to hear why techosnob was disappointed with it as well. I think it's a great amp: