Cary SA500.1 mono blocks

I just added the 500.1 mono blocks and I have a hum on both that I can't get rid of .I've tried to lift the ground pin on the PS audio AC12 power cables with no change. I tried different power cables with no effect. The amps are on their own 20amp circuit plugged into a Richard grey 400 . Any help would be appreciated thanks .
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Well this sucks I'm done with the amps . After 4 hours yesterday and a few hours today I'm about to put my system back together. I did everything I could think of to silence the amps with no effect. Nothing in my room has power to it but the amp and speakers no rca connected just speaker cable with no effect. Something is wrong with my power and all my amps that I've owned are not this sensitive to bad power I've never had a ground loop hum that I couldn't get rid of. Thanks for the responses. I guess I will stick with my rotel amps and be happy maybe buy a new prepro or a Sony 4k projector.
Thanks for trying to help me .I think the amps are fine it must be a ground loop issue that I can't fix .I did lift the ground pin on my power cables with no effect.The hum is coming from the speakers not inside the amp itself.I don't have any other speakers they are all Martin Logan and need a power cable wow I never thought I could damage an amp buy hooking them up to Logans that would suck.I will try different speakers tomorrow. I just finished putting my system back together its been a frustrating couple of days I might take a day off .
Hello I just wanted to give yall an update. It's been a few months since I returned the amps . I gave up on buying amps for a few months but a couple of weeks ago I got the bug again and started looking again. So I called the same guy about some other amps he sells. He told me he just talked to Cary and they told him to open the amps and check for a loose connection. Well he said that was the problem . He asked me to come up to the store he would show me the problem so I did. I saw the connection that was the problem its was a quick connect that got loose when they got shipped back from Cary . So I took them home to try them again. Well they are not coming out of my system this time they sound great. He gave me a great deal that that couldn't say no to. So all is good they have been in my system for a few weeks and they sound fantastic with no problems and most important dead silent.