Cary SA 200,2

I had a wonderful time at John Rutan's Audio Connection in Verona N.J. this week and heard a remarkable combination of electronics with the very speakers I own, Vandersteen 3A Sigs. The electronics were by Cary Audio. SA 200.2 amplifier, SL 03 Preamp and CD-500 Cd player. Great synergy with this combination. The SA 200.2 really made the 3A Sigs strut their stuff. Crystal clear presentation, deep bass and beautiful mids.
I also heard outstanding demos of the incredible Vandy 5A's and the unbelievable Vandy 7's. That's another thread of course.
Wondering if anyone out there has heard the Cary Electronics I mentioned and if so what your thoughts were and on what speakers etc?
Nice to hear the 200.2s are around.
I've dealt with John many times over the years and he's in the process now of trying to get a couple 500.1s for me to have a listen to. They seem to be virtually non existent.

I'm assuming the overall presentation on the 200.2 will be similar to the 500.1

I'm still torn between Parasound JC-1, Bryston and the SA500.1 for use with Mag3.7s.
I have heard the 200.2 with the SLP 03 combination and it is amazing. Just from doing a search on the SLP 03, it doesn't seem really highly regarded and some even bag on it a little. But, when it comes to synergy this combo really has it.
My system consists of the Cary SA200.2 amplifier, SLP-05 preamp, CAD 500 CD player and B&W 802 Series III on Sound Anchors. The sound is natural, sounds real and I'm very happy with my choice of components.
Hi all ! I have a Cary 303/300 CD player , Cary SLP-03 pre and a Cary V-12 power amp . All sound great by themselves or together . Also have Belles A150 and Transcendent 4 wpc tube amp . Same with these , all sound great together or separate .
Just an update from me. I ended up getting the Cary SA 200.2 and Cary SLP 03 from the Audio Connection. Stellar combination!! I even like it better than the ARC Ref 5/Sim Audio W7 combo I had. I have had them for a a few months and I don't even think about doing anything with me front end any more.
I re-tubbed the SLP 03 with tubes to my liking. Now my system is sounding better than ever. Speakers are VSA's Unifield 3s. Warm, extended, spacious. Very nice.
Hi all ! That Cary slp-03 is certainly a giant killer . Glad you are happy with the changes you made .
I noticed the SLP 03 has been beat up some on some other forums. I was not expecting much when I got it based on what I had read. However, this game is about synergy, and the SLP 03 and the Cary 200.2 amp have it in spades. It works great with the VSA's and according to John at The Audio Connection works wonderfully well with the Vandersteen line too. The new remote on the Cary SLP 03 is very good as well. I guess the original remote was not that good, but the new one cured all of it's shortcomings.
Hi all ! Yes the slp-03 has been beat up by some people. Mine sounds stellar . Kclone...what tubes did you put in it ? I used rca nos in mine.
I put in Mazda 12au7s from Upscale Audio.