Cary Rocket 88 & n.e.w. P-3: Best tube combo?

I just bought a Cary Rocket 88 to use with my n.e.w. (Cary) P-3 preamp, and I'm looking for tube combo suggestions. The P-3 uses 1-12BH7 output & 2-12AU7 line stage. The rocket of course uses 2-6922 p.i., 2-EL84, 4-KT-88s & 2-1629 green eyes. Any advice to a novice (me) is appreciated!
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When I had the P-3 I used a stock 12BH7 as the 12AU7 tubes are the important ones sonically. For those I use Mullard CV4003 which are the military version of the 12AU7.

I'm not sure if you are aware but Cary offers an upgrade to the P-3 which involves, among other things, circuit changes that replace the 12AU7 tubes with 6CG7. According to Dennis Had this will take the P-3 to an entirely new level. I believe the cost was $650.
I was thinking about buying the new Cary p3 preamp. However I have never heard it. Should i get it or an Audio Research LS 7 preamp?

I like details, wide open sound stage, and clarity.
To my ears go with the P3 Taplina. I owned the P3 for awhile and borrowed a LS7. I liked the P3 much better. It was more transparent and open. I didn't like the LS 7 at all in my system. It was detailed but sounded like a blanket was over my speakers.
You can try different power tubes - I have a Rocket 88 R version, same basic configuration as the 88 non-R. I had a quad of 6550's in there at one time. Now I'm running Penta Labs KT-88's and the sound is quite different. I recommend highly getting decent power tubes. Assume you know also that the 1692's are just for show