Cary MB500, McIntosh MC501, or Pass X350

CDP- Raysonic CD168
SACD- Sony SCD XA-5400ES
Preamp- Audio Horizons TP 2.1, Levinson ML 380
Speakers- B&W N802
Which of these Amps you guys think will work best with my set up?
Thank you
For what it's worth, I've heard the Macs with the B&Ws, using a Cary 306pro as source and did not like the combo. However, I'm not fond of B&Ws, so I'm not sure that is much help to you.
I have the Cary's and the Sony with 1.6QR Maggies. Based on my knowledge of the Cary's and the Sony, I would expect them to complement the B&Ws pretty well but that is just speculation since I have not heard the combo. I have no experience with the Levinson at all. Can't even speculate on that one.