Cary integrated vs. Rogue Cronus Magnum

I have decided to buy Dynaudio Confidence c1s with the Naim combination of 202/200 amps. I´d like to get an inexpensive tube integrated as a secondary amp. I´m thinking of the Rogue Cronus Magnum and the Cary integrated which is rated at 80 watts. Any thoughts?
Check out the Cayin or VAS line, great sound, excellent price point. It will make a great tube integrated amp. I have the 100 and 88 and found the power is more then adequate.

I have a Cronus Magnum and I think it is the best bang for the buck tube int. out there. I dont trust Chinese tube amps no matter what people say. There are a lot of parts marked with famous names that arent. I dont think you can go wrong with the Cronus no matter what speakers are used. I am using Spendor S6e with mine
Thanks for your responses. I am familiar with the Cayin amps. I heard the 88. It has very nice sound but is underpowered for these speakers. I never heard the Cayin 100 and have heard good things about it, but is more than 1k more than the Rogue and I don´t think it has a phono amp which the Rogue comes with. I am curious if either of you heard the other amp e.g. auditioned Rogue before buying Cayin or auditioned Cayin before buying Rogue.
I have the Magnum in my second system; purchased it without auditioning which is the case with virtually everything I have, no dealers of quality 2 channel in the area or close by. Good build quality, its 90 wpc with the KT90s has easily driven either of the pair of Tyler Acoustic speakers that I have paired with it;no synergy issues to my ears; easy to bias, and musically satisfying. Haven't ever heard a Cary or Cayin so can't offer an opinion or comparison on those; not have I heard your speakers.
Dynaudio's need some current to make them sound there best - I would recommend SS for them - but if you want tubes, then Rogue may be the way to go.
I also have S6e's and auditioned the SLI80 and the Cayin A88T. I thought the Cary was better in just about every way(about the same for bass as the Cayin) - gorgeous sound, but I stayed with my SS Classe Amp because I felt it just did not have the slam and bass response that I needed when listening to Rock. I did miss the SLI-80 a bit when I took it back to the dealer ( what a midrange ), but it just did not have enough drive/slam factor for my speakers. Cayin - was a nice Amp but really did not offer any improvement in sound over My quicksilver Pre and CA-101. Even when I used the A88T as an amp only using my quicksilver as a Pre the Classe outperformed it for the most part - mids were more lush with the A88T - but or the most part I was not really that impressed, noting all the publicity it has recieved.
It is a nice value as is the Rogue gear (which I have not listened too, no dealers near)but the reviews I have seen on the Atlas or Cronus intergrated are all good.
I think a big factor after (or before) sound quality is customer service. I have owned Cayin, Prima Luna, and now a Cronus Magnum. I have been able to call or email Rogue with questions and have always gotten a prompt response. Rogues service after the sale is second to none (see other discussion posts). Mark the owner is top notch and is always available. He even texted an answer to a question I had while at CES this year!

Prima Luna (Upscale Audio) was always available for support.

I called the Cayin importer and left numerous messages and have not heard back at all (still waiting after 4 weeks). Even the local Cayin rep in Phoenix couldn't get ahold of them for me. They could have the best product on the planet but if there customer service is non-existent do you really want to gamble with your money, especially thousands of dollars.

If you live in the US, do yourself a favor and buy the rogue or Cary. I own a Cronus Magnum and if I have even the most simple question, I call or e-mail them and usually end up speaking with Mark, the owner. Another plus is if you end up owning a Rogue for several years and would like it checked over, Rogue does it on the cheap and they go through the unit with a fine toothed comb. Rogue puts their customers first. I bought my Cronus Magnum used and Mark knows that, yet he treats me as though I bought it directly from him. He stands by every single piece of equipment that he produces. Believe me when I tell you that it will make you feel good about your purchase.