Cary for a Cary ....B&W for a B&W???

First I would like to say agian! "Hellloooo Audiogon!" I read these forums all day!!!" And Yes that’s right most audiophiles I now and then suffer form that “upgrade itch”. So I have some questions on my mind! Before reading further I hope you all take a look at “My System” to see where my system stands and how to advise me!

Firstly I would like to address my amplification. I have a AES/Cary super amp DJH….I absolutely love this piece but I know there is more! Musicality transparency all the good stuff. Now while I know this is top of the line for the AES line it is not top of the line Cary. And I have to say “I love that Cary Sound”. Now I hate those “why so many for sale posts” but I am starting to ask myself that question about the Rocket 88 Cary amp? My question is …”Would this be and Upgrade from what I have” I have listened to this piece but not in depth. They are in the similar price range used I ask myself “why not upgrade?” Someone tell me? Any other opinions amps ideas?

Secondly I have B&W CDM 7nts. I LOVE them yet want more! Would I be satisfied with Nautilus 805’s ? and in the future maybe a sub? Is it as easy as they say to integrate a sub with monitors like these? If so how? Basically I am looking for the same attributes as stated above!

Thanks For all your Help…!
Hi Squiddy! I think that if you have found some product lines that you like, there is no reason why you shouldn't stick with them. They are both well respected companies, that make great gear.

But, if you are going to spend some cash, it makes good sense to listen to some competing products in the same price ranges, to be sure that there might not be something else that you like even more. If you don't hear anything else that "grabs you" any more than the Cary/B&W combination, then go for it.
Thanks Twl...I highly respect your opinions! I learn a lot from reading your postings everyday! I wish I could ask you all the questions I had on my mind!!

By the way Audiogonners!! Anyone have a job for me in the NYC area!? Just lost mine! Going to make upgrading even more difficult! lol!
The N805s are well ahead of the CDM7 NTs in the mid highs, imaging, detail, etc. But you need stands for them. I had the opportunity to compare them on an audio shop. I upgraded from CDM1 NTs to the N805s.

Whatever bass the N805s produce is very tight, focused and does not go below what they cannot render properly. A sub would be a nice addition depending on your room and your music tastes. I am thinking of getting one but they sound Ok in my small to mid size room. People here rave about the integration with the Rel Strata III. Hope this helps.