Cary exciter Dac

Did someone here had the chance to audition the new USB Dac from Cary audio-the exciter? I'm thinking of pairing him with the Squeezebox classic from Logitech through the digital line.Would it be a good match?

I can't get any impression from the net at the character sound of the unit so I'm wondering if anyone here can share some information for the above?

I have two of these DACs and I use it with my SONOS system which is very similar to your Squeezebox. I can tell you that the improvement over an older Theta DAC I had been using was not insignificant. I never knew that the SONOS would sound so good. I think this is a great DAC especially when paired with a Squeezebox or SONIS or any other such system. I have tried it with my CD player but not really seriously.
It's best to give everyone an idea of what's in your system, as that at least allows someone with a knowledge of your components to approach a reasonable generalization about how the Xciter, or any piece of equipment for that matter, would sound. Would this be replacing a DAC you already have? What do you feel is missing, sonically? Etc. I had the Xciter in my system and it wasn't the best match, but I could also see how it easily could be in another system, as everyone has different gear, listening preferences etc..