Cary DVD 8 DVD player

Has anyone heard one? Thoughts? Positives? Negatives?
From my research and photos of the inside and out the DVD8 and the Oppo HD-970, the DVD8 is a repackaged Oppo HD-970 in a Cary chassis with a detachable power cord and shielding over the switching PS.

A sturdy chassis and good PC can make an appreciable improvement, but for $1050 more? It still has the Oppo remote, limited front panel controls, and flimsy disc tray. It is your call.
Wow! If what you say is true it's a no brainer. Say NO to the DVD8. I now own an Oppo DV-980H universal player. For the price it's nice but it will stay only until I find something with better with 2-channel audio. The short list is the Cary DVD8, Arcam DV135 & Cambridge Audio 640D (due out in 2008). I'm not interested in having the Oppo modified. Have you talked to anyone at Cary about your findings or do you think they would blow you off?
I posted on this forum and Audio Asylum when I was asking questions about the DVD8 which lead me down the path of research that end with me buying the HD-970 (980 was not out yet). Others confirmed my findings. I expected Cary to do mods or add a tube output, but none was to be found.

With HD DVD or Blue Ray lurking in the corner I am willing to wait a bit longer. The Arcam 139 is the one to get for movies and great CD playback right now.

I was very interested in the current $400 Cambridge, but decided to wait. They used much of the same circuitry or the same chip (don't remember the details anymore) as the HD970 with much further advancement, features, build, connectability, and better remote. I thought it funny that they didn't get all the US press. Europe like the unit a lot but the US fell for the $150 Oppo (not available in Europe either). I think the Oppo is good but not great, so I'm glad I waited on the the Cambridge, but I think it is probably a good unit. The new one should be better, but I haven't looked into it yet.

Improvements are happening at a rabbits pace so the future is bright.