Cary DVD-7 replacement

I’ve been using a Cary DVD-7 universal player for the last 8 or 9 years. The cd section is based on the Cary 303 and the sound is pretty good. But I’m wondering how the newer universal players would match up against it for stereo sound. The DVD-7 has a very good picture(up to 1080p) but I’m looking for audio quality first, video second. Are there any players out there that would provide better 2-channel sound than the Cary DVD-7? I can spend anywhere from $1000-1500. Thanks.
I auditioned the 303 back before I acquired my McIntosh MVP 881BR.  I thought the Mc was just a bit more natural with Red Book playback and had the added bonus of playing everything except 3D.  It also does very well with up-sampling DVD to BD.  The 881 can be found at prices not too far above your budget now, so if you can be patient for a month or five... Depending on where you live, you should also be audition one pretty easily, too.  

Good luck & happy listening! 

I rather enjoyed the DVD7 myself. It does make for a very nice cd player.
You will have many fun choices in the $1000-1500 range.
Keep us posted as you demo various spinners.
Happy Listening!
I really like the DVD7. I'm just wondering if any of the newer players out there might surpass the quality for cd playback.