Has anyone had any experience with the Cary DMS-500 using it specifically as a streamer or network player?   I have good a good DAC but looking for an upgrade to streaming from my Oppo 105D.   

Seems to be a lot of discussion on Aurender and Antipodes but I like the large screen on the front of the Cary.  Thanks
rshad000, We have this player on display and it is very good it does have its caveats and the dac in it is very good, not exceptional, what that being said the over all package is very nice.

The app works fairly well, and the overall combination of digital inputs, MQA capability, and a good app will make a lot of people happy.

We would need to know more about your system to tell you if this is the correct player for your tastes and system.

So please feel free to contact us.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ