Cary Cinema 6 Two Channel DAC/PRE Performance?

In particular, I am wondering if the performance of the Cinema 6 will be at least comparable to my current Bel Canto DAC1 and Mod Squad Deluxe Line Drive passive preamp setup?

My current processor is a Sony EP9ES. My hope is to be able to sell the DAC1, Line Drive and EP9ES to help cover the cost of the upgrade.

I have no doubt that the HT performance of the Cinema 6 will be an improvement over the EP9ES (I WATCH moveis and LISTEN to music). The big question for me is whether the upsampling DAC and pre in the Cinema 6 will yield at least as pleasing a 2 channel experience. Recommendations for other pre/pros to consider would also be welcome.

Here are the signal paths in my system:
CD Signal Path:
-Marantz CC-65SEU CD changer used as a transport
-Bel Canto DAC1
-Mod Squad Deluxe Line Drive
-Llano Desigh Trinity hybrid class A 100 WPC amplifier (also used for HT fronts)
-Wilson Benesh Act One speakers (also used for HT fronts)

HT Audio Signal Path:
-Sources - HTPC and Toshiba HDTV receiver (terrestrial only as there is no cable here and trees make satellite impossible)
-Sony EP9ES
-Front channels into Mod Squad into Llano Amp into Wilson Benesh speakers
-Phantom center channel
-Rear channels into a Parasound HCA 800II amp into B&W SCM8 speakers
-Sub channel into Monitor Audio ASW210 sub
I own a cinema 6 pre and use a sony 999es DVD player so I hope this helps a little. The Cary seems to be a fine value in stereo mode with no up-sampling but the 2xf button softens the sound and lowers the output by about 3db so direct comparisons are difficult. the 999es will equal the Cary's DAC but has more precived low bass and a slightly cleaner soundstage (using cables that cost almost as much as the player). I think your line drive may not be the right preamp for you. The little Belcanto DAC1 sounds great but it can't possibly drive the passive linestage and an amplifier off of it's tiny output stage. All in all, the Cary is a great preamp for the money and the Adcom 850 is the only one I know that sounds as good for the money but it looks like an Adcom (plastic).
I'm using the Cinema 6, Cinema 6 and DVD-6. I was always shocked at how badly even expensive pre/pros do with music. But the Cary really does a gorgeous job. It sounds good just on the CD setting, but I prefer the sound through one of the two 6.1 analog passthroughs. (I'm using a 900ES for SACD on the other).

I've heard it said in reviews and by those in the know that you just can't get a more musical pre/pro in its price range. I'd add "by a long shot". The Cinema 6 is for those that care about sound quality for the buck, not tons of features.

That said, its easy to setup, dial in and use with all the latest sound formats. The only important feature it's missing is lip synch which is important if you're using a projector (as I am). Still, you can take care of that with another $200 device if you need to. I've had my Cary gear for a couple years now and just looove how this stuff sounds. I can't imagine upgrading equipment again (cables yes).

I always get raves from people that come over to watch movies or just hear the system with music playing. I've had at least 3 people say they've never heard a soundsystem in anyone's house sound this good. So it's not just me.