Cary Cinema 11 vs Anthem D2

Has anyone had a chance to compare the two? Both units have favourable reviews and the Cinema 11a/v combo is similarly priced to the D2. I already own the Cinema 5 so I'm leaning towards the Cary units. Will primarily be used for HT.
I like Cary better than Anthem.
I got ahead of myself as the new 11a/v is not yet released.

I suppose a more relevant question would be how does the audio between the current Cinema 11 and D2 compare for movies and the occasional music?

I doubt many have made this specific comparison.

I have the Cary Cinema 6 which is good sounding, but not quite as transparent and dynamic as a true high-end 2 channel preamp. (which makes sense, as it is built for another job)

For HT, the Cary sounds great, as it does for music. I'd stick with cary. They look a lot nicer than the anthem stuff too
Unfortunately judging by the lack of responses, I think you are right.

I'm leaning towards Cary as well. It seems as they have delayed the release dates once again. There's quite a bit of activity on the other forums in regards to this.
I'm not a dealer for either brand, but from my experience I much prefer the Cary Audio's sound over the likes of Anthem.

I'm a big sound over features type of guy and feel Cary has the better audio section. Still, you cannot disregard Anthems killer video section.

Amplification I give credit to Cary as well. Anthem amplifiers do nothing for me. Sure, they have gobbs of power, but I think they tend to sound warm. That may be on purpose to tame the Paradigms, though.
Well I just orders a cinima 11a basically because I am using all balanced equipnment and tube amps also have a cinima 5 for the sourounds. However if I wasn't I would get the Rotel you may want to look at it better price point and more boomey in the base. For movies the Rotel I thinnk is better moore boom in the low end also has video switching. The cary is smoother than any other processor but at the loss of that low end boom dffect. Also Cary repair dept leaves alot to be desired and they seem to break. My cinima 5 is there now and my 303/300 just came back. I have spent a fortune on repairs of cary equipnemtn none of my other stuff has ever broken.
What happenned with your Cinema 5?
Anthem is better for HT but I own the cary 6 !
I have heard the cinema 11 and thought it was a sweet sounding processor. I own an anthem AVM 30. It is nice sounding unit. I think the D2 with ARC adds room optimization abilities that the cinema 11 cannot compete with. I know the cinema 11 does have auto setup but it is not that sofisticated. I'm not sure the 11v does more in this area. Anthem also has upgradeabilty (at a cost) that cary does not have. I know that i am not completely answering your question but wanted to add my two cents, anyways.