Cary CDP-1 vs Marantz SA8001

Does anyone have any more details or reviews on the Cary CDP-1? I have been looking around the internet and the only thing I found was a review trouncing it. I am thinking of getting a new Marantz SA8001 but I would be willing to cash out a bit more in order to get the Cary used.
Consider the biased review on CDP-1 is a very stupid one as it compares Cary CDP-1 against a player twice or threefold CDP-1´s price. That´s what I hate from reviewers, they live with their dogmas and sometimes are unfocused. But also you can read it as CDP-1 is a "worse" sounding player than one costing twice more, which is a great compliment.

I have it after much looking, it is a perfect machine, not "audiophile" treatments in sound (warm), it just plays great, clean, dinamically, I really like it, I have been rediscovering some of my CD´s.

(I have had combinations of DAC+drive, and CD players from brands like, Myryad, Agile, Benchmark, Berendsen, CI Audio, for your reference)
Thanks a lot for the reply! Anyone else having used this cd player?
I got a good deal on a CDP-1 and got it a couple of months ago. I have been thrilled with it. The sound goes with the rest of my system: Cary SLP-74 preamp, Bel Canto Evo2 amp, Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers. The soundstage is nice and the sound is so much better than my previous CD player: the bass is tight, the instruments are more focused and the sound continues to be warm. I especially notice the difference with Western Classical music: things sounded mushed together before, they sound clean and separate now. My previous CD player was a Jack Bybee modified Pioneer player that sounded better than an Arcam (FMJ-xx ?) player that I auditioned it with.
One can really hear the potential of the 8001 with the TRL mod. Check it out and hear for yourself, the TRL 8001. Let us know what you think.
Happy Holidays !